About Arch-link International ltd

Arch-link International ltd is an Kenyan architectural firm founded in 2002 and incorporated as a ltd company in 2007. The company is registered by the Board Of Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors(BORAQS) and the Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) Since 2002. We boast of over 15 years of experience in the Building industry. We are driven by the pursuit of quality and committed to positively contribute in the improvement of human habitat through our profession.


Who We Are

We put ultimate importance to the environment and sustainability in all our projects.Weather we are working on private residence,offices,public buildings or public areas,we are keen to ask the right questions to realize the optimum design solutions for our clients who are proud to affirm are always enthralled by our design solutions.


Architectural services


Our Architects are committed to the highest standards of design and implementation of projects.We have passion for craftsmanship and true designer client collaboration. We also have an unyielding dedication to innovative and fresh concepts.

Project Management

& Feasibility studies

Our team deals with issues of project feasibility,budget scheduling and quantity control.We also provide bills of Quantities and facilitate the process of appointing a suitable contractor.

Interior Design

& Landscape Design Architecture.

Arch-link International ltd Interiors philosophy is primarily based on our belief that excellently designed interiors can only be realized by a clear understanding of function and style of our projects.This results in timeless designs and leads the way to achieve a well balanced style. .